Who I am

I am a Nerd

I enjoy the challenge when things go wrong with technology and as a result, I am tech support for my friends and family. My apartment is connected up with IoT gadgets. I learn about technology both for practical knowledge and to understand future possibilities.

I am a Tinkerer

A cardboard box is an opportunity and a challenge. I have a constant desire to understand how things are made and work. I take stuff apart to understand how it is made.

I am a Photographer

Ever since my first point & shoot, I have been taking photos like crazy. I enjoy capturing candid moments and details of the world around me. Most of my photos reflect my love of travel and big cities. I try to document as much as I can.

I am an Explorer

I love to explore and travel. I enjoy exploring everywhere I can around me. I try to also travel as much as I can. For me, exploring can be as simple as walking around a new area or building.